Hiring the Best Construction Marketing Team: 5 Qualities to Keep in Mind When Hiring

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Construction marketing is a highly specialized field. It often requires extensive knowledge, skill and niche experience in order to be successful. Unfortunately, this puts many small-to-medium sized construction businesses at an unfair disadvantage because they can't afford the best team on their own. This article will help you identify the right Construction Marketing Team for your business by teaching you how to spot red flags when hiring and providing tips that will help you make an ROI positive decision based on what matters most to your company!

In the past, our team has personally spent multiple 6-figures on paid advertising campaigns for construction companies that yielded 7-figure results for our clients, so we are intimately familiar with the space.

Here are 5 key qualities that elite construction marketing teams possess based on our personal experience running campaigns for construction teams and also working with companies to help them build out their in-house team from scratch:

Quality #1:

A highly effective construction marketer will have a deep understanding of your business - whether it's residential, commercial or industrial work, they need to know all about what you do. This helps them provide quality service and advice because they're knowledgeable about your industry.

Plus, marketers with significant construction domain expertise can identify flaws in your marketing strategy ahead of time, while those without the expertise will be "learning on your dime" and will typically take much longer for them to see mistakes or areas for growth, which a veteran would spot almost instantly.

Quality #2:

The best construction marketers have a high degree of accountability - they're not just going to show up, do a good job and disappear. You need someone who has your back and will be there for you when things get tough or if you have questions about their work.

Accountability demonstrates leadership and a true care for the mission your team is driving. Vetting for this quality will help you hire employees who "show up with batteries charged" as we like to say at Big League Talent Connection. This means your employees are consistently finding new ways to take initiative, be self-sufficient and drive better results which takes a lot of stress off of leadership in a small to medium sized company.

Quality #3:

Elite construction marketers possess strong interpersonal skills - construction marketing is about building relationships whether you're building a home & garden show strategy or a digital media campaign, and it's no different for the people you hire. You need someone who understand human psychology and what drives customers to make a buying decision in your niche. Any great marketer must understand human and buyer's psychology, the campaigns they deploy should reflect this.

Pro Tip: Great marketing copywriting in any industry is simply great sales translated into copywriting format, so relevant sales skills can be an added bonus!

Quality #4:

Search for a team player - construction marketing is a team sport. Often times athletes or people who have thrived in team environments in the past are strong candidates if they also possess the marketing acumen. With that said, those without a team background can still be effective and have the capability to be a solid team player but they must understand that they won't be working with you as a lone wolf, rather as a collaborative effort.

You need someone who knows how to work well with others and isn't afraid of brainstorming new ideas or taking constructive feedback from their colleagues. Radical transparency is critical to drive the best marketing results. Often times, the best marketing campaigns come from a high-level brainstorm or critical analysis of current campaigns, which can then allow your marketing team to bring a new campaign to life.

Quality #5:

The best marketers are results-driven - in other words your construction marketing specialist needs to be able to demonstrate that they can produce quality results for you, and consistently. You want someone who is ambitious and can demonstrate that they're a team player with high-level thinking, but also detail oriented and patient enough to follow through on the details of their marketing campaigns.

When it comes to optimizing the ROI of marketing campaigns, many times "the devil is in the details". This means they must be able to track campaign analytics at a granular level in order to consistently optimize your ROI and create content that resonates with your ideal client. A great construction marketer should be able to share examples of past results they have achieved for someone similar to you, and the more examples of proof they have the better.

Bonus Tip #6:

Shoutout to Corina Burton for sharing this golden nugget yesterday when we were recording our latest podcast.

Many companies make the mistake of marketing their "what" instead of their "why".

For example, window replacement companies may share content about how they help people replace their windows, and to message them for an estimate. The problem is, they're completely missing the piece that compels prospects to ask, which is the pain they may be dealing with or the benefit of working with you such as fixing drafty windows, mold or bad experiences with other contractors which caused their problems in the first place.

Sharing your why can look like:

Sharing behind the scenes of your crews going above and beyond

Sharing your origin story and why you do what you do

Sharing client before & after success stories

Sharing ways you differentiate through competition by doing market research and learning what your ideal client desires most when hiring someone like you

Sharing why your team operates they way they do, and how that impacts your clients positively

And much more...

Making a marketing hire mistake can be a very expensive one, but landing the right marketer can change the entire trajectory of a small to medium sized company.

If you find yourself searching to hire a marketing agency or in-house team to boost your brand recognition and sales revenue or profitability, be sure to keep these qualities top of mind!

If you'd like to avoid making a mistake in the hiring process for your next marketing ace, we can assist in landing the best possible marketing hire for your business. Reach out to matt@bigleaguetalentco.com to learn more about how Big League Talent Connection can help you land top 15% talent in your local market!

We hope this article brought massive value to your hiring process.

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