7 Steps to Develop a Recruitment Pipeline for Construction Sales Professionals

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Construction Sales Professionals are the lifeblood for any construction company, and if you don't want your business to slow down with age, then it's time that you start recruiting top performing sales professionals.

Elite construction sales professionals are in high demand because the best sales professionals sell more volume of projects and larger projects with higher profit margins, while mediocre talent often under sell jobs and have thin books of business. But how can you build a recruitment pipeline for these hard to find candidates? In this blog post we will explore 7 steps that will help your business attract the right people and beat out the competition.

Step 1: Make sure your company is an employer of choice.

Once potential applicants know what it's like to work at your company they'll want to apply! Create a culture that attracts top talent by providing great benefits and working conditions. Be transparent about salaries and bonuses so that employees know what they're getting into before agreeing to join. Find ways for employees to grow their skillsets while on the job or after hours with training programs. Top construction companies are laser focused on creating a culture of collaboration where employees are encouraged to think outside the box and become prolific problem solvers.

Step 2: Create a plan for your recruitment pipeline.

This includes an assessment of what roles you're looking to fill, how many candidates are needed and the skills they'll need to have in order to do the job well. Your recruitment process should be fairly formulaic so that it's easy for applicants to find out what they need to do.

Step 3: Find the best way to communicate with potential candidates for the position (i.e., website, LinkedIn, social media).

How will you reach out? How many people are you targeting for each open position? How much time should you spend on each step? How will you develop a talent pool for the future to track and communicate with all of your potential candidates?

Depending on where your candidates can be found, you'll want to develop a strategy that's going to get them your message most effectively. A Facebook ad might work for one type of job and LinkedIn ads will work better for another. Other times, the headhunting approach through direct outreach is most effective for landing top sales talent.

Step 4: Create an application process.

The key here is making the process as easy as possible so that potential applicants aren't discouraged from applying. This means keeping the application process short and sweet, having a clear set of instructions that are easy to follow, as well as an email address specific for applications so you can respond quickly to each one.

Step 5: Create your interview questions.

First, you need to structure how many interviews you want throughout this interview process. Then, it's time to define which questions you want to ask each candidate. By asking a consistent set of targeted questions, you can avoid internal bias and learn a lot about an applicant in a short period of time. It's important to make sure that every question has a purpose in order to weed out applicants who aren't a great fit. By doing this, if an applicant or candidate isn't a fit, then you're able to focus on the candidates who have a good chance of being successful in this position. Don't be afraid to let a candidate know that they should look for another opportunity rather than waste their time waiting around when they are not a fit for your role.

Step 6: Identify sources of potential candidates.

This includes people who are currently employed in the industry, but may be looking for a new challenge in their career. Often times, this is where you will find cream of the crop talent as they have proven successful track records with your competitors.

It also includes people who have left the industry but may be interested in a return. These can often come from your LinkedIn network and other forms of direct outreach via social media or job boards.

Step 7: Structure your interview process.

Do you want one, two, three or more steps in your interview process? Who will host each unique interview and what will the goal be for each? The interview process should be structured in a way that allows the candidate to showcase their skills and experience. It is also your opportunity to learn more about each candidate, therefore you need to be prepared. If the candidate is not a good fit, this can be determined during the interview and it will save you both time.

These are just some of the best practices that need to be implemented before beginning any recruitment process.

To wrap this up, a wise saying goes... "Business leaders spend 10% of their time recruiting, and 90% of their time making up for recruiting mistakes".

The key is to never underestimate how powerful an effective recruitment strategy can be for construction companies in terms of time-savings, cost-savings and most importantly, success.

This article has discussed the importance of recruitment for construction sales professionals in detail. Now it's time to take action. The next step is to implement the steps taught in this blog and develop a pipeline that will help your business grow with absolute A player talent!

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We wish you all the best throughout your growth process.

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