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Construction sales professionals are essential to the success of any construction company. Construction companies rely on these professionals to help them find new leads and generate more revenue for their business. As a result, hiring the right construction sales professional can be tough. To make this process easier, we have created this blog post that will teach you how to find the best possible construction sales professional for your business!

You should start by considering what type of construction sales professional you need. You will want to find someone that can provide the right mix of business acumen and technical expertise, as well as someone with an attention for detail. Some good examples are a general contractor or architect who is also pursuing their license in real estate sales or has completed certification requirements for a general broker license.

Once you have narrowed down the right type of construction sales professional, how do you find them? You want to make sure that they are qualified and experienced enough to help grow your business. So how can you be confident in their work? One way is by asking if they specialize in commercial real estate or residential projects. Another great option is finding someone who has served as a lead sales rep for another construction company in the past and has experience working with general contractors.

You can also search online, or by asking your colleagues how they found their own sales professional to help grow their business. One way is by checking out some of the industry specific websites that list qualified agents who specialize in commercial real estate and residential projects.

Another good resource is LinkedIn, which offers a searchable database of qualified professionals in the sales industry.

Building your own network can also be effective and often times lead to an introduction to someone who may have done business with or knows another construction company that needs help getting back on track. This person could end up being your best source for finding quality candidates quickly because they know how challenging it can be when you're not able to find the right candidate fast enough.

If you are currently working with a recruitment agency, make sure they understand how important this position is and how vital it'll be for them to present only top caliber candidates so you don't waste time interviewing people who won't work out long-term.

The most critical thing to do is figure out how your company's culture and hiring practices differ from the construction sales professional you're looking for.

1) How they are different than their counterpart in other companies?

2) How should interviews be conducted - introspective questions vs behavioral interview style?

3) How often will employees work, without being penalized with overtime pay or comp days off?

4) How much money will the company provide for sales training to ensure that employees are successful in their new role (if applicable)?

5) How long should this position be expected to last?

6) Are there night shifts required as part of this position that would need a higher salary for working late hours on occasions when needed?

7) Will it involve sitting at desk all day taking calls even if no clients call so employee doesn't feel like they have nothing to do?

8) What is the employee's compensation package including salary plus bonus potential, paid vacation time off and sick days, healthcare benefits from day one vs after a waiting period before being eligible for coverage?

9) Retirement contributions into 401k plan or similar contributions offered by employer matching percentage up to certain level per year? And so on...

It's not always easy to find the best construction sales person for your company. That is why you should first develop a list of hiring requirements and then how specifically they will be rewarded, such as salary plus bonus potential or employee contributions into 401k plan.

You can also look at how the candidate compares with some of these other factors:

1) What are their qualities? (This includes knowledge about how to sell products/services that best suits them).

2) How good are their communication skills? And so on...

Once you have thoroughly researched all options available, make sure to ask your chosen candidates for references and check out those people in order to verify what has been said by others. This way you'll know if they really are a great fit to continue scaling your culture with A players.

Once you've completed a thorough interview and vetting process, you think you've found the right fit. Congrats! Now, it's time to trust your team and see what your new hire can do!

Keep a close eye within 30-60 days of a new hire to ensure they are on track and living up to what they said throughout the interview process.

Rinse and repeat this process to continue landing proven, elite sales professionals on your team like clockwork!

We hope this article brought value to construction leaders looking to hire top sales reps in the local marketplace to take their business to the next level. When you land true A player sales reps, you also land higher profit margins and happier clients.

Cheers to your successful scale!

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