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What is 5-tool talent?

Our founding team members were elite-level collegiate baseball players, and our culture aligns with the competitive sports mentality. According to - "Scouts have long graded position players on five tools that are central to success in the game: hitting, hitting for power, running, fielding and throwing. The so-called “five-tool player” is a special breed, as those who truly rate above average in each category are extremely rare."

What kinds of jobs or niches do we specialize in?

Our headhunting team operates with laser-like focus in the Construction & Legal industries to consistently deliver 5-tool talent to our growing clients.

In the Residential & Commercial Construction industry, we place top talent for the following roles:

Executive Roles | General Managers | Director Roles | Operations Leaders | Facility Managers | Construction Managers | Human Resources | Production Managers | Engineering Managers | Process Managers | Superintendents | Program Managers | Project Managers | Strategic Hires and more...

In the Architecture Industry, we place top talent for the following roles:

Architect - Licensed | C-Level Management | Designer | Director of Design | Drafters (AutoCAD + Revit) | Executive Leadership | Intern Architect | Interior Architect | Interior Designer | Job Captain | Landscape Architect | Managing Director | Master Planner | Principal Level Leadership | Project Manager | Project Architect | Studio Leader | Technical Architect | Urban Planner | Strategic Hires

In the Engineering Industry, we place top talent for the following roles:

Civil Engineers (Senior Level, Associates, and Assistants) | Program Managers | Project Managers | Engineering Technicians | Designers (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical) | CAD Technicians | GIS Analysts | Grant Writers or Administrators | Contract Administration | Planners | Resident Engineers | Construction Managers | Cost Estimators | Inspectors

From beginning to end, how long does our recruiting process take?

Our goal is to exceed 'the norm', allowing you to kick back & relax with our smooth and transparent recruiting process. It is always dependent upon the specific role you need filled, but according to Glassdoor Economic Research, the average hiring process in the US takes 23 days. We find our recruiters most often most often exceed this timeframe, delivering top talent who is excited to join your team within 1-3 weeks.

How do we pre-screen applicants for your company?

Our recruiters attribute our industry low turnover rate to a rigorous pre-screening process, in which candidates are evaluated by our niche-specialized recruiters based on their skill sets, the relevancy of previous employment roles and ultimately we assess how each candidate will fit within the hierarchy of your unique company goals.

How long between the time we get to work until you receive resumes?

Your team will be delivered qualified job applicants in anywhere from 2 – 5 business days. We use a very structured, almost scientific onboarding, resume procurement and prescreening process. This results in highly qualified applicants who are excited to grow your vision.

Our success is your success. Our performance-based fee structure & rock solid hiring guarantee reflects this.

What sizes of clients do we work with?

All sizes, but mostly SME's. We have experience recruiting for very well-known household names and have also helped start-ups with their first management or executive hire.

What's our 'guarantee'?

If you hire a new team member through a Big League Talent Connection referral and they don't work out in the first 90 days of employment for ANY reason, we will replace this candidate 100% free of charge - no questions asked.

Can we take care of your temporary hire recruitment requirements?

We'd love to, but not at this time. We are executing on what we know like the back of our hand, which is placing rockstars in permanent engagements for the legal & construction industries.

Will you have a designated point of contact for the project?

Actually, we'll do you one better and provide a dedicated account executive, one or more dedicated search professionals and administrative support. Recruiting the right people can feel ridiculously overwhelming. We don’t rely on keyword spray-and-pray & Indeed posts. Finding Big League Talent starts with in-depth local market research to headhunt those who signal elite experience and cultural fit. We ensure to keep our candidates and clients informed every step of the process with a white-glove experience.

Are you allowed to work with other recruiting firms if you work with us?

Short answer, yes. By contract, you have the right to work with any agency you want for an open job. We do suggest that you take several weeks to get a feel for how we work prior to bringing on other cooks in the kitchen as you will immediately notice a surge in candidate flow which will have your team packed with quality candidates, but this is simply a suggestion based on what's been most successful for our past clients without them getting overwhelmed, not a requirement.

How is our fee structure setup?

There's no 'one-size-fits-all' solution when it comes to finding you the ideal talent. We typically run 25-30% of salary pending role and location. Our omni-channel strategies, which we invest in on your behalf, include running hyper-targeted social media ads, direct headhunting (where the BEST talent usually comes from), leveraging our existing talent pool, & going heavy into our paid job board strategy to land active candidates in the market.

Our success is your success. Our performance-based fee structure & rock solid hiring guarantee reflects this.


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